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Clear 5″ slip on.

Square front vs the rounder Lip series.

Why shop and trust us over the USA web companies? Here is why:

  • We are in Canada and the best choice for you!
  • Our shoe brand is the most comfortable and sure fitting which is important on stage, we avoid other brands for that very reason
  • We look after all additional costs incurred with importation of our products
  • You have no hidden costs, no surprise costs at your door! You will be charged at your door for duties, brokerage fees and GST with all USA companies!
  • We in the end are cheaper regardless of what you see on the USA websites
  • Other companies will get you product in 2-6 weeks, if we have it in stock you get it within a week based on location.
  • If we don’t have on hand inventory for your styles we receive our shipments in a week and then it’s shipped to you

An Example from a USA company broken down:

  1. Lip 101R USA $52.99+29.95 shipping to CAD $96.05(shoes 61.37 Ship 34.68)
  2. Duty of 18% on 61.37=$11.05.
  3. Add 96.05 and duty of 11.05=$107.10
  4. Add UPS standard brokerage fee for all imports minimum $10 CAD (additional fees may apply as well)
  5. Those USA website shoes are now $117.10 Plus 5% GST and PST depending on your province (we only charge GST)
  6. No hidden fees!

Be very wary of sites with unusual low prices as you can be dealing with trouble, we see it and hear it all of the time!


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