Figure/Fitness Shoes

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Other companies will sell you shoes that aren’t show approved and will get you disqualified, our years of experience will ensure you a show ready shoe.  Ask us any questions you may have 24 hours a day, **exchange rate adjustments have been made and we are trying to ensure you save money over the other guys!


Please read below for more information about the shoes you will require for your show

So you have worked extremely hard to look the best you ever have, don’t let something as easy as shoes slow you down or stress you out. We work hand in hand with many women of fitness and know what you are going through so we strive to make it very easy on you. Please take a look below before making a final decision on your stage shoes, and always ask us any questions you may have about any styles shown. Please keep in mind that some styles may be shown but can be sold out at any time, we will always do our best to ensure you are looked after.

We work very closely with the manufacturer to ensure you are getting what you need to succeed, we are in Canada and look after all of the import costs so you don’t have to worry.  We have gained the confidence of our customers by providing what you need and the knowledge to answer any and all questions that others can’t answer.  PLEASE ORDER EARLY!  Styles sell out quickly the longer you wait so ensure you have the shoe(s) you need to succeed.

Shoe requirements:
~Please ensure you have reviewed your specific shows rules and regulations for the appropriate footwear from heel height to platform height.
~Clear shoes are always the optimal choice for the stage.
~It is your choice on whether or not you want lots of bling or a little or none at all, we find that it is a personal preference so enjoy the vast variety we have displayed and let us know if you have any questions.
~Always get your shoes early! Clear plastic uppers can cut into your foot so break them in and build your confidence well before the show.
~We find that many trainers advise against ankle straps as they tend to break up your leg on stage, but if you are not accustomed to wearing heels you can choose styles that have a dual upper on them to give you the added support while not breaking the flow of your leg up, and finally if you absolutely need the extra hold then for sure choose full ankle strap styles.

Shoe fitting:
~These shoes shown are all very true to size, so if you are a 7 in regular shoes choose a 7 in these.
~If you are a half size we suggest going down as there are no half size shoes available. This will ensure that you won’t have a lot of shoe heel behind your foot which may effect how you look on stage.
~Clear shoes are generally snugger than non clear styles, this is to compensate for the natural stretch that will occur with prolonged use.
You can also gently pre-warm the plastic with a hair dryer and you will feel it soften up, this is a popular method for most.

Please see “sizing, care and options” menu for return policy and more important information

If you are wanting a shoe that is a little lower or higher please click HERE and follow the instructions.  The “Fabulicious” line will contain many great options for you if you don’t see something above.